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Justice Ayah Paul’s request for immediate release denied by court.

Justice Ayah Paul made a plea to the High Court to be immediately released for his illegal detention at the SED in Yaounde.
Following the case which was adjourned to Tuesday; March 21st, the High Court denied to grant his release.
In the words of his family members: “Tell all Cameroonians at home and abroad, that the HIGH COURT JUDGE has RUBBISHED ALL OUR LEGAL AND WELL FOUNDED ARGUMENTS.
Ayah Paul Abine returns to prison BUT the Struggle for Justice continues.”

Despite information being published by some media outlets saying that Justice Ayah Paul has been charged with terrorism, secession and rebellion, according to the law, Justice Ayah Paul has not been charged with any crime since his arrest, two months ago. 
As explained by Justice Ayah Paul‘s spokesperson; “According to section 164, 167, 169 and 170 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Cameroon, by a charge we refer to a formal notification of the wrongdoing/crime of a defendant on a precise date in a precise place which is in violation of precise legal dispositions and punishable by such, which is done by a competent examining magistrate before whom a victim is immediately brought to him upon his/her arrest.”

 This has not been the case with Justice Ayah Paul, so legally, he has not been charged with any crime, but has been in detention for about two months.

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