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Kang Quintus’ ‘The Fisherman’s Diary’ movie gets awarded ‘Best Feature Film’ in India!

BetaPipol after getting 5 Nominations at the Prestigious Paris Art and Movie Awards 2020, and bagging 3 awards for the New York International Film Awards, #TheFishermansDiary
has just been awarded ‘Best Feature Film’ by the Global India International Film Festival in India! 🎊

#TheFishermansDiary is a Cameroonian movie produced by Kang Quintus. It has not yet been premiered. Première dates would be announced soon. It was shot in Limbe.

It features:

Kang Quintus
Ramsey Nouah
Onyama Laura
Faith Fidel
Neba Godwill
Cosson Chinepoh
Ndamo Damarise

It was directed by Enah Johnscott.

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