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Kelly Vola & Ashley Vola represent Cameroon & Africa for 2020’s World Cup of cooking competition!

The world is discovering Cameroon’s delicious meals, as Kelly & Ashley participate in the World Cup of Cooking!

The ‘World Cup of Cooking’, otherwise known as ‘Plate of Origin’ is an Australian competitive cooking game show broadcast on the Seven Network.

The competition involves 10 teams representing 10 different countries; China, Greece, India, Lebanon, Italy, Venezuela, Vietnam, France, Australia and Cameroon!

Cameroon is the only African country in the competition, and is represented by two sisters; Kelly Vola & Ashley Vola!

Kelly, 26, and Ashley, 28, were predominately raised and taught to cook by their mother and grandmother. They moved to Melbourne in 2005.

“Cameroon food is nothing Australia’s ever seen before. It’s spicy and it has so much personality.”-Ashley said.

“Our culture is big, loud, bright and colourful, just like us.”-Kelly added.

In the most recent episode of the show, Team Cameroon competed with Team Vietnam, and Team Cameroon emerged winner! The judges could not resist the two main dishes they prepared; Jollof rice, dodo and chicken, with beignets and burnt white chocolate ice cream.

The show is still ongoing and we are definitely rooting for Team Cameroon to win!! 🇨🇲 💪♥️🔥

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