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Kevin Hart’s Ex-wife reacts to him having a baby with his new wife!

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko announced on mother’s day that they will be expecting their first child together. Fans and the media were happy and ecstatic to get the good news but equally wondered how his ex wife Torrei Hart was gonna take it.
In order to satisfy their curiosity, TMZ decided to conduct a video chat with Torrei, asking her how she feels about her ex husband and father of her kids expecting a baby with another woman given the fact that she had once accused Eniko of breaking her marriage with Hart.

Her response stunned everyone. She started the video by saying;
I’m actually pretty excited because my kids are excited so I’m kind of feeding off my kids’ energy. There’s only one downside though that I was thinking about. I might have to babysit a little because because Eniko has been spending a lot of time with my kids.” She adds, “And I’m done with diapers!”
She later adds, “I can’t preach this enough, to blended families out there, just remember we’re all family”

These words of hers proved that despite their separation, they have and will always live as a family.
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