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Khloé Dumps Lamar?

 We know that the relationship between Khloé and her husband Lamar has been rocky lately. A tew days ago, precisely two days ago, Khloé Changed her name on Twitter and Instagram. It used to be Khloé Kardashian Odom now its just Khloé Kardashian…Hmm! Could it be a mere coincidence? Well we’ll find out with time. She made these changes on their Wedding Anniversary date, the 27th of Sept…Wahala Dey oh!!News has it that Lamar came back to L.A two days before that Friday 27th, that’s on Wednesday, Late in the night in a ‘Crack- High state’ from Palm Springs with his friends and apparently some women too…Perharps Khloé is at the verge of giving up on him…I will keep you posted…Mos Def!

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