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Kinnaka TV’s Unplugged disrespects Cameroonian designer; Reneta Ndisang!

The 7th episode of Unplugged(a Kinnaka TV exclusive entertainment show), highlighted the fashion industry in Cameroon and the recent back and forth between Cameroonian fashion designer; Reneta Ndisang of Mareta West clothing and Founder of the Buea fashion Week with several others on Facebook, over the creation of the Bamenda Fashion Week was highlighted on the show: Check out the screenshots below the post.

What was appalling was the fact that Reneta Ndisang was disrespected, as she was called an upcoming Fashion designer. Click HERE to watch, pay attention from the 2nd minute.
Reneta Ndisang has been designing clothes professionally for over 6 years now. She was among the top 3 designers in the Guinness fashion challenge competition in 2014, She won a CAMEE award for Best fashion designer in Cameroon in 2015, she has dressed and styled a wide range of our Cameroonian celebrities from TV presenters, to Movie stars and artistes. In May this year she organized the first edition of the Buea Fashion week which lasted for 3days and featured several designers and guests from Cameroon and other parts of Africa. How can she be called an upcoming fashion designer? Isn’t that disrespectful? What do you think? Check out the screenshots of the back and forth on Facebook below:
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