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Kumba records second killing in less than a week

For the second time in less than two weeks, the town of Kumba, south west region of Cameroon has witnessed two painful homicides.

The first occured early last week in Fiango, when a boy murdered his mother with a machete over a meal. Rexon’s increase demand for food led him to a bitter quarrel with his mother, who told him to leave the house if he thinks he is not being treated fairly, and added that he is old enough to fend for himself.

In the second incident which took place over the week end in Kossala, a young boy identified as Joe,18 years, ended his younger sister’s life following a misunderstanding.

The two got engaged in a serious fight in which Joe grasped a piece of wood and stroke it at her stomach. Sources say the little girl aged 16, collapsed after the hit and died on the spot.

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