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Lessons to learn from Rihanna’s new ad campaign for PUMA!

Rihanna in partnership with PUMA has her own line of sneakers called Fenty. She took pictures for the ad campaign of her new PUMAxFenty sneakers and the photos were amazing. She was dressed in PUMA, leaving some of us wishing we were Tomboys so we’d have to dress like that all year long! LOL. I particularly love the photos because Rihanna is looking gorgeous and sexy in PUMA hoodies, sweaters, tracksuits and sneakers. With all those supposed ‘masculine’ outfits on her, she still doesn’t come out looking masculine, but very feminine, gorgeous and sexy. This is a source of inspiration for some of us ladies who feel that we can only look gorgeous in heels, flats, gowns and skirts. Check out the photos for the campaign below:

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