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Let Tiana B’s ‘Yes you can’ give you strength to soar!

US Based Cameroonian artiste, Movie producer, Entertainer; Tiana B, has released a new single titled Yes You Can under her production company; Pyramid Productions International. Just as the title gives away, Yes You Can is an inspirational and motivational piece. 

I wrote this song to encourage those who have been bullied and told over and over that they are either nothing, or can’t do anything right. Get up, dust yourself and face your future because it’s brighter than you think and “yes you can” if only you start today.”-Tiana B

The RnB/Pop beat of the song was produced by Christ Hayes, a British music producer based in Los Angeles] and the vibrant, lively and colourful video was directed by Dexter Brains of the Brains Concept USA.

Click below to watch and enjoy:

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