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Live Bala 2K’s exclusive playlist launch in Buea!

 “A Night to always remember, a true show of Cameroon’s refined talent;
Music like no other”. That is the resume of comments gotten from sundry
Bala 2K fans.
Friday, November 18, through Saturday, November 19, 2016 remains one of
seldom 2016 days that left sundry Cameroonians abashed.
The Bala Invasion
Exclusive Playlist Launch was as well, one of those rare witnessed events in Buea
that kept the Cameroonian entertainment/music industry short of words.

Fun, dance and excitement championed the Bala Invasion E.P. Launch at
Silicon Hotel, Mile 17, Buea.

Bala 2K’s E.P. has SIX music tracks; (AQWARA NO DI Pay, BOKO HARAM,
Beginners Luv, 4 MA HEAD ft. Chloe Oym, FAMILY, GO HARDER) and
TWO bonus tracks; (KISS U and BOKO HARAM ACCOUSTIC). Produced by
VINCINHO, all songs of the Exclusive Playlist are written by Bala 2K with the
professional touch of Dreamzline Entertainment.

Guest stars Mel B. Akwen, Rythmz, KO-C, JULY, MAKON, Yung Time,
Flyboii Gomez, Nakeli NABCIS, Desmond Tosam, Shanzi, Fashion D, and
other comedians helped keep the audience at the edge of their seats with
beautiful Cameroonian tunes, in anticipation of the main artists.

thrilled dancers, fans and music lovers with their hit track; “Madame Tous le
Monde”, MEL B. Akwen trilled the fans with her crowd-pulling song; “Party
All Nyte”.

The crowd was amazed when Bala 2K came on stage; presented
his lovely parents to fans, and indeed made use of his microphone; interpreting
most of his songs. Just as expected, Bala 2K sent a host of fans abashed and
flabbergasted at the kind of tune and lyrics he could deliver.

The E.P. Launch reached climax when he rendered “Aquara No Di Pay”- one of
the most adorned track of all six in the released Mini-Album. The concert
ended with the audience still looking for “KISS U”.
It was indeed a challenge that put to test the skills, efforts, expertise and
professionalism of Bala 2K, his Great Team and Dreamzline Entertainment. But
as good faith will have it, the E.P. Launch at Silicon Hotel, Mile 17, Buea was
for sure “the real definition of SUCCESS”. It was truly “the perfect example of
what an Album should be”.
Bala 2K appreciates the efforts of all who worked endlessly to see the E.P.
Launch succeed; his wonderful manager, his producer and all guest artists and
featured artists in some tracks.

 CONTACT: (237) 670009448/ 671504675
Twitter: @BALA_2K 

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