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Live the ‘shop and network’ sales event in photos!

The fashion and network sales event held on Saturday the 27th of June and Sunday the 28th of June as i earlier mentioned ! It was organized by CEFDA(Cameroon emerging fashion designers association), and it saw very talented and amazing Cameroonian designers: Mareta West, Style Boulevard, FH & L(Faith, Hope & Love), Lima T. Jasino and F.B.I. It gave the opportunity for the public to buy pieces exclusively from their favorite designers. If you love fashion and you didn’t make it, then you missed out! But due to demand, a second edition is in the works, and it is not too late to start preparing for it! I would keep you posted on the date and location! Peep photos of some of the pieces below:

Mareta West

FH & L

Style Boulevard

Lima T. Jasino


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