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Lydol illuminated the scene of ‘Sauti za busara’ in Tanzania

Slam or Spoken word is a performance art that is word-based. It is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play such as intonation and voice inflection. 

A woman of letters, an architect of beautiful syntax, Lydol now holds the baton of command of the Cameroonian slam from Tanzania where she is, she was kind enough to answer our questions.

You represented Cameroon at this festival in Tanzania and you performed before a multitude of fans, what is the feeling that drives you?

It has been more than an honor for me to represent not only Slam but the Cameroonian culture especially when we know that at this festival very few artists come from Central Africa. Being able to meet a new audience, new artists, listening to new forms of music and rhythm allows us to learn even more about the continent that is ours.

You spoke for 50 minutes, an honor I guess, what experience do you get from this Tanzanian adventure?

A superb experience, presenting more than a dozen texts is not every day that we have the opportunity. Looking at the artists who performed before me (I was scheduled at the closing) allowed me to change a lot of things about the performance I originally planned to do. Sauti za Busara taught me a lot and motivated me to push my limits. Slamer, singing, dancing in English, French, Camfranglais and Ngomala accompanied by musicians from Tanzania and Kenya has given me new knowledge and skills.

How do you rate the Tanzanian public’s welcome?

The Tanzanian public is one of the best I’ve met. Zanzibar is a historic city and a great tourist site we find people from around the world and receive applause from them is huge (manage to break the language barrier) the most magical moments it was when the public s’ is raised and started to dance during the tribute to the band Zangelewa on the title Waka Waka and when I heard the crowd take up the chorus of “Amina”.

Have you made any encounters that could lead to featuring?

Sauti za Busara was not only shows but also conferences of exchanges and especially a meeting platform of professionals of African music. Beautiful meetings have been made and it is hoped that the projects resulting from these exchanges can be realized

You are nominated for canal 2’or in the category best revelation, a big step for slam, do you have the conviction to win this title?

Being nominated for the Golden Channel in the revelation category is already a victory for slam. We mark one more step. Today slamers exist and are taken into account. Of course this category is full of many talents of Cameroonian music which does not make the task easy but we hope to leave with the award. By thanking everyone who supports us and encourages us on a daily basis we continue to believe #LeSlamYArrivera.

Check out on of her spoken word performances below :

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