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M-Pro takes everybody to the dance floor with ‘Chaud!’

Steven’s Music Ent. announces the release of a brand-new single from M-Pro. M-Pro’s music is now a known quantity in the Cameroon urban scene and he is beginning to gain recognition for his
unique style. M-Pro is a great performer who has perfected his art in blending traditional Cameroonian sounds into delivering irresistible tailored catchy Afrobeat Music.

Here is what CEO of 237 Showbiz had to say about M-Pro:

“…we have failed woefully by sleeping on a talent like M-pro!! Dude is on a genre of his own…. he sounds likenobody outchea!” Emmanuel Mfon, 237Showbiz

M-Pro’s music and lyrics are a true reflection of the Kamer urban scene. In that light, he is releasing music through the end of 2019 and into next year that will speak to a huge slice of the Cameroon community.

After “Young Wild and Free” which was released some months back, M-Pro shows love to the ladies with “Chaud”. “Chaud” indeed is a hot track that speaks to the continental African beauty. Produced my Abztrumental at Legacy Studios, “Chaud”starts seductively slow then crescendos into an uptempo dance track with conga drums and guitar reefs that will make you want to keep the track on repeat.

… M-Pro is maturing into the artist we thought he’d become when he first came out. ‘Chaud’ is a hit!”- Dj Makoko

This is the 2nd release of many that will showcase my new sound and my approach to making music to my fans. I wanted to make a song that every woman could look into the mirror and dance to, knowing that they are hot from head to toe. That’s what “Chaud” is about. I can’t wait to perform this one in particular.” Say’s M-Pro, laughing.

Having struck a formidable working relationship with Director Chuzih, M-Pro enlisted his services again to bring you a truly beautiful video for “Chaud”. Click below to watch:

“Chaud” Credits: Composed/Written by M-Pro and Abz. Produced, Mixed and mastered by Abztrumental at Legacy Studios.
For booking, interviews, or promo copies of “Chaud” please contact Debbie Enem/ Noela Njie at or at
Get more Details on M-Pro at: Facebook: MProMusic

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