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Maahlox Le Vibeur Detains Former Band Mates Under Grounds Of “Aggravated Theft”

Cameroon’s controversial Rapper Maalox Le Vibeur who was out of the country for his European tour, is back and making the headlines again! From insulting the late Bishop of Bafia, to his fight at Djeuga Palace Nightclub Yaounde, to his banned concert by the SDO of Douala V and his exclusion from his Label ZONE2RAP (Zone de Révolution Artistique positive), the rapper is making headlines again due to his recent legal actions against his former band mates. He is reported to have left them under police detention, accusing them of breaking into his studio and stealing his musical instruments.
The presumed theft started on July 8th immediately after the rapper took off for his tour abroad. The rest of the group however claim that the instruments did not belong to Maahlox alone and they have equal rights to them. Maahlox however doesn’t share the same thought with them, that’s why he has gotten them arrested for “aggravated theft”.
One of the reporters of le Bled Parle tried to get in touch with one of the guys, the one who usually appears bare body on Maahlox’s vidoes, to get more details about the saga but they couldn’t get hold of him as they were told that the guy was one of those arrested by Maalhox, and has been under police detention since Wednesday August 9th at the Gendarmerie Headquarters Secretariat popularly known as SED.

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