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Maahlox LeVibeur Gets Beaten At A Club IN Yaounde

Controversial Cameroonian singer Maahlox Levibeur is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital after been brutally beaten at the OG night club on Saturday in Yaounde where he was celebrating the birthday of his friend.

This story was confirmed by the rapper himself when he posted on his Facebook that he has been hospitalized after being assaulted.

It all started in the nightclub during the show. The rapper was stormed by a woman in possession of a baseball bat. Threatening the artist who was about to sing one of his most recent single “Un Bon Plantin“.

Noted for being one of the most outspoken artist in Cameroon, the rapper has succeeded in raising fans as well as haters.
He is well known for his habit of using obscure languages and clasping back immediately at those who throw nasty comments at him.
The assault was notably a set up pulled up by those who do not favor his nasty attitude.
Several would have bet on a revenge made by an admirer of the late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala to ‘honor the memory’ of the deceased as the rapper was known to have shared insulting and offensive posts about the alleged suicide of the late Bishop.
The rapper has decided to file a complain against his assaulter after he recovers from the hospital

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