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Mabetan e-commerce platform is here to stay!

Olivia Ashu-Ayem, Mabetan CEO

 E-commerce Business is becoming popular and accepted in Cameroon, since the coming of Sellam quick, wandashop and Jumia. Cameroonians now regularly buy online. Last year, a Cameroonian lady called Olivia Ashu-Ayem E. started a women empowerment market place called Mabetan.

 Mabetan is an e-commerce market that provides economic opportunities for small-scale business women and self-employed stay home moms with businesses, by increasing their customer rotation and turn over. Olivia, the CEO of this company started off with 30 customers in January 2018 in Douala and Yaoundé regions, and is already having +60 customers this December 2018.

It should be noted that this is one Cameroonian lady to watch out for. We can be sure she will help to change the story of many small-scale business women in Cameroon, as her ambition is to cover all regions in Cameroon and even go to other African countries.

The particularity of Mabetan is that, it is focused on women and small-scale businesses, this we must say is a plus to our society. Mabetan has come to stay and we will be watching their space to showcase their growth.

MABETAN client

Mabetan client

Mabetan staff and client

Mabetan staff and client

Mabetan staff and client

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