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Makonjo media launches blog to highlight young Cameroonian entrepreneurs!

Makonjo Media is launching a new blog, Afro Hustler, that will target the continent’s exciting new companies and entrepreneurs, funding rounds and any other developments within the growing ecosystem.  
Afro hustler has been up since the 1st August 2016 for beta testing. We provide news and content in tech, business and entrepreneurship, and their relationship with governments and multinationals. We also look into the lives and lifestyles of “Afro Hustlers” as they struggle, win and enjoy the fruits of their labours.
The mission of Afro Hustler is to bring visibility to Africans in all walks of life.
In the next 5 years, we see an Africa where all “Afro Hustlers” will enjoy the right amount of inspiration, education and exposure needed for success.   In an effort to contribute to the evolving blogging ecosystem, we are committed to consistently improve our readers’ experience by providing a variety of content to make your every moment on blog a wonderful one.
Makonjo Media also regrets to announce the shutdown of TechCrunch Africa ( because of reasons reserved by the company and its partners. The blog will be completely shut down on Thursday 15, September 2016.
On this note, we wish to invite you, our dear readers and partners, to visit, like, share and leave your comments about the vision on our different content and social media platforms: . . . 

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