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Man kills father for failing to pay his mother’s dowry in Kenya

The Kenyan police arrested a man in Taita Taveta Kenya for mercilessly assaulting his 67 year old father to death for failing to pay his mother’s dowry.
According to police report, the deceased whose names we got Wilmont Mwawasi was beaten to death by his son after they had a short argument over unpaid dowry of his late mum who died 12 years ago.
The murder weapon which happens to a metal bar was found in the house and taken under police custody for more investigations.
According to other sources, the family of the late mother had been putting pressure on the deceased to pay the dowry on their daughter thereby being the principal reason behind the quarrel, as the son asked the father why he had not paid his mother’s dowry.
The story was confirmed by Salome Mshai who happens to be the deceased’s daughter as she was a witness to the killing.
According to Salome, their dad came home drunk when her brother questioned him about the dowry. The father immediately charged towards the son, slapping and kicking him which led to a physical fight between the two. 30 minutes later, after son had abandoned the fight, the father rather took the metal bar and tried to hit the son where he immediately got hold of it and hit the old man several times on his head leading to his death.
Despite being a witness to her dad’s murder, Salome still took sides with her brother as she claimed her dad was responsible for the mishaps in their family. According to their tradition, negative consequences befall any man who fails to pay a dowry on his wife . Thus she claims this bad behavior of their dad led to the death of their mother and the mental instability of two off her brothers.
The son is currently under police custody awaiting trial.

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