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Man who murdered his mother in Kumba with machete to appear in court!

Yesterday we reported the case of a woman had been murdered by her son following flaring tempers over a meal.
The perpetrator identified as Ebako Rexon, 31, chopped off his mothers head with a machete on Tuesday evening at her home in Fiango Kumba,South West Region of Cameroon.
Reports say Rexon’s increase demand for food led him to a bitter quarrel with his mother, who told him to leave the house if he thinks he is not being treated fairly, and added that he is old enough to fend for himself.
Few minutes after their confrontation, while Rexon’s mother was sitting in her living room reading the Bible, her son walked in with a machete and sliced off her head. Click HERE to read full story.
The man is now under police custody, he made his first appearance at the state council today, and he has been assigned a psychiatrist to check him before he makes his first court appearance.
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