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Macabre act as gunmen kill 10 in Bamenda – reports

Defense authorities have said the attack that occurred in Nacho Bamenda on Sunday, July 16, led to the death of 10 persons with two others injured.

In the government report released on Monday, Navy captain and head of communication, Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge, said “A group of about a dozen secessionists deceptively dressed in military gear similar to those of the army and carrying automatic rifles, gathered a few innocent citizens before firing heavily and indiscriminately at them.”

“It led to the death of a few customers comfortably seated around a table” he added.

After the victims were evacuated to the Bamenda regional hospital, the defense authorities said an investigation will be opened and “communicated at every stage.”

The perpetrators of the act are yet to be identified.

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