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Mark Bareta insists that he still is an interim leader of The Consortium regardless!

Upon the video released by the Programs coordinator of The Anglophone Consortium; Tassang Wilfred, relieving Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo of their posts as interim Consortium leaders; Mark Bareta has released a statement saying that he still stands as one of the interim leaders of The Consortium
This is what he said:
Fellow Southern Cameroonians,
There comes a time in the life of every struggle that what we give in is smaller than what we take out. We have arrived that stage where we need not compare the two but encouraged to give in more.
First and foremost I want to apologise for the inconveniences I have caused the people of Southern Cameroons for the huge silence since the video released from Comrade Tassang, Programm Coordinator of the Consortium.
What has happened within the last 30 hours is a test of our democratic resolved. It only goes to show the Anglo-Saxon nature of the people of Southern Cameroons. The freedom to speak, disagree to agree and to criticize to build are some of the tenets of the society we so much yearn from La Republique du Cameroun. That is the reason we are in this struggle, to gain back these tenets of Freedom.

However, like in any struggle and organization, there are basic rules, procedures to be followed if there are changes to be made.
There are basic ethical processes which must be made so that one segment do not feel bad to weaken the organization. Without going into the gymnastic of the Consortium, we should be aware that as humans these things are bound to happen but the struggle must move on.
That said, I decided to take some hours off so that I could understand very much the situation at hand. It was a moment to observe if there is something myself and friend Ivo are doing wrong so that we can correct. Within these hours, I have read, listened and spoke to hundreds of persons and the message is clear- Do not give up, the people need your services.
I should also assure the people that though I am privileged to serve now, no one in this world is indispensable. If Bara or Ivo leaves, another in their thousands will crop up. Bara, Ivo or whosoever cannot hold the people hostage. I am deeply sorry if anyone felt that way, the struggle must continue.
Therefore, I want to assure our great people of Southern Cameroons that this struggle is not about Bara, Tapang, Tassang, Balla or any individual. No one will be allowed to hold hostage the future of the people. This struggle is all about the future of Southern Cameroons and together in our own way, whether leaders or not, the farmers, taxis drivers, students, activists, doctors are called upon to serve and support the struggle.

Let me seize this opportunity to say that Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo are going nowhere. We shall continue to serve the people in whatever ways the people deem fit and in ways we ourselves find it convenient to the best of our capabilities.
We have come this far and it is not the time to back out. History shall not forgive anyone who barks out at this moment. We must continue to fight, we must continue to shame La Republique and we must continue to show unity in the face of the devil’s attempt to divide us.
Like we have been saying since October last year, this strike is not about teachers/lawyers anymore. The struggle is about the restoration of the People’s of Southern Cameroons and everyone is called upon to fall under the vision of the Consortium as that umbrella to lead the people to freedom. That is why the consortium shifted from talking only about professional issues to political issues which engulfed the people of Southern Cameroons, therefore our various professions, ages, ways of life at this stage does not matter.
In order to answer your worries, let me as Mark Bareta say that the Interim Leadership as designated by President Balla, head of the Consortium and endorsed by you the good people of Southern Cameroons is going nowhere. We shall continue to serve, to churn out information and we shall work with all persons of the Consortium steering committee who are now free to get the vision going. The interim leadership will not betray the aspirations of the people of Southern Cameroons.
I, therefore, call on the people of Southern Cameroons to remain calm, stay focus. Mr. Tapang Ivo shall within the course of the day release a video.
On this note, I am reminding and appealing to the people of Southern Cameroons to call home and remind our people about Monday’s ghost towns. The consortium has said Ghost towns shall hold only on Mondays. We have to continue keeping schools closed.
When our leaders and all those illegally arrested and jailed are released, then it will mark the basis of a frank dialogue with the government of La Republique and the end of our interim role as leaders of the consortium.

It is my wish to thank some of our friends and fellow compatriots who have been in touch with me and are doing all to see us through these dirty waters. This period has shown an era of statesmanship from some of you who we will continue to work as a team in the spirit of victory that we so much desire and deserve as a people. To those who have been praying for us, we urge you to keep doing so because even the smallest voices in the innermost parts of our land have heard that we are about to collapse. But I assure you that we shall come out of this stronger than how we got into it.
We shall succeed and fail together. However, I know very well that failure is not on our agenda. This struggle has been destined by God and our God is a God of success.
Thank you
Mark Bareta, Interim Leader, Consortium

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