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Mbarga Nguélé tightens security in Yaoundé after 2 explosives go off in the capital!

BetaPipol dem for Yawundeh, make una prepare for random security checks o.
On June 20th nite, and June 21st nite, some explosives dey be explode for some places dem for Yawundeh.
So big man for wa National Security; Mbarga Nguélé, don gi order say make police pipo dey enforce security. E say make dey search taxi dem for road, search bonnets for the taxi dem, search all side for the taxi dem, including the passengers dem. Say make dey search even passengers dier cargo dem, dier hand bags, ba-ba bags etc.
E say make dey doam so for day time and for nite too. E tok too say make dey di do kalé kalé.
All so na security measures for catch the pipo dem way dey be attack wit dat explosives dem.
Yawundeh pipo make man no waka without e ID Card o. The coming days go wounded! .
PS: Ba-ba bag= backpack
Kalé Kalé= random police raids
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