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Mel B Asks Friends For Financial Assistance to Buy A Mansion

Former Spice Girl Mel B has resorted to asking financial assistance from her friends due to her costly divorce from her ex husband Stephen Belafone. This made many wonder if she is actually broke or if she is just trying to prevent her Ex Husband from asking for more money.
It is reported that she has deposited a 6 figure amount for the purchase of an Exclusive mansion in LA worth 1.5 million pounds but is unable to complete the rest as she has lavished close to 38million pounds in her extravagant lifestyle. Scared of losing the house if she does not complete the payment, she sought financial assistance from her friends begging them to help her get the house.
A source told The Paper that “Mel B’s finances are not great but the house acquisition will make the situation even worst .Since she just couldn’t afford to lose more cash, she had to turn to pals in her hour of need and they are trying their best to help her”
Mel B is hoping to get a part of the money from selling the previous home she shared with her Ex Husband. However the sale process has been stressful as she was forced to reduce the price from 7.2 million pounds to 800,000 pounds.

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