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Member countries of the Schengen Area prohibit Cameroonians from entering their countries after they open their borders on July 1st!

BetaPipol Die dey oo!
Schengen Member countries dey don tok say dey di open dier borders on July 1st. Dey don moof list of 54 countri dem way dier nationals dey fit fly enter. Cameroon no dey among.
Nobi olé Cameroon no dey among o, plenty odas too no dey the list. Dey say dey go di update the list every 15 days.
The contri dem way dey no dey the list na contri dem way, Schengen Member contri dey di feel say dier nationals dey get high probability for bring dem Coronavirus.
Honorable Joshua Osih don react to the tok. E say as long as Schengen contri dey no wantam make Cameroonians dey enta dier contri dem, make Cameroon gofmen too ban dem from wa contri.
Wa gofmen nova yet react.
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