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Message to the public from the West Cameroon Parents Association!

The Cameroon Parents Association (CAPA) held an emergency executive meeting yesterday January 14th, 2017 and resolved as follows:

1) After due consultations with its members, voted overwhelmingly to transform itself into the West Cameroon Parents Association (WCPA).

2) Commend the teachers union leaders for holding firm during negotiations held with the Ghogomo team January 12-13 at the North West Governor’s office, and halting the talks until all our children illegally held in Yaoundé are released.

3) Calls on the government to stop all shootings, maiming, abductions and killing of our young men as demanded by the people before our leaders will engage in any future negotiations aimed at resolving the current crisis.

4) Calls on West Cameroonian parents to continue to keep their children safe at home until long lasting solutions are found to the many challenges they face in a country that considers them as less than equal.

5) Supports the call of the Consortium and the people for ghost town operations across all areas of West Cameroon on Jan. 16th-17th. In this light, we urge parents to assume their responsibilities and keep their children safe at home. We urge our people be peaceful, avoiding all forms of violence as well as any provocation from government forces.

6) Remind parents and the people of West Cameroon that we owe this struggle to our children, and that any sacrifices made in their education is done in other to build a bright and prosperous future for they and their progeny.

Done January 14th, 2017

Prince Divine Akere Achu
President (WCPA)

Itoe Francis Ebongue

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