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Mic Monsta Launches his own record label called ‘Kwata Music Inc’

Popular Cameroonian rapper; Mic Monsta, in association with his partners (who prefer to remain anonymous) officially announces the creation of his new record label Kwata Music Inc.

“Being a Hip Hop Artist firstly gives me the urge to stay original and my experience from
growing up in the neighborhoods of Cameroon (Kwata) has greatly inspired the type of
music I make. The lifestyle of the people and originality of the local pidgin language and
other dialects comonly used in the Kwata is a proud culture to uplift and we are blending
that with our sound to create this movement called Kwata Music.”- Mic Monsta on creating Kwata Music Inc.

Kwata Music Already made the first release from their lead artist Mic Monsta titled
No/No produced by Deajea Glenny.

The song is an extract from Mic Monsta’s upcoming Kwata Dairy Mixtape.
Kwata Music also announces the signing of its second artist:

22 years old Valery Njie Misom A.K.A Besingi, a Buea based Cameroonian Afro Hip Hop Artist who raps in his dialect (Orocko-Ngolo), Pidgin English and English Language.


Kwata Music keeps an open option to signing more acts to the label as they already have a
couple of artists working to improve their art under their roaster.

The Kwata Music Inc team:

-Gina Efeti of Miss Gina Promotes in the management team representing Mic Monsta
and Kwata Music.
-Sony Music ENT CIV Representative and Dope Music host Eva Ndumbe
-Nginyu Isabella of Tonda Magazine and Tambe Valery.

Kwata Music Inc official partners include
-Slimbeatz and Deajea Glenny as Kwata Music official Producers.
-Kwata Music is still reviewing submissions from upcoming video directors who wish to
be part of the label.
-other interested directors should send their submissions to

Keep up with Kwata Music on social media:

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