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Minister of Justice; Laurent Esso, reveals exactly how the government plans to handle the secessionists who attend the National Dialogue!

Minister of Justice; Laurent Esso  announced that, for the national dialogue, maximum security will be granted to all members of the group of armed separatists who intend to participate.

Hotel rooms have also been set up for them in the capital, Yaoundé, he said.  According to a press release issued Friday evening at a press conference, Esso said the national dialogue would not be complete without the participation of members of armed groups.

This dialogue stems from a crisis between our soldiers and armed separatists. We expect them to leave the bushes and come here. Our BIRs will guide them through the bushes after the dialogue. They should keep their weapons in the bushes when they come. If they come to the cities with their guns or machetes, we will pick them up and keep them for them. The weapons will be returned to them after the dialogue,” – the minister responded to a question from the Guardian Post newspaper.

We’ve ordered BIRs to guard their hotels, and bring them back to the bushes at the end of the dialogue,” Esso said. 

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