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Minister of Post & Telecomm says Anglophones should be patient, internet in West Cameroon would be restored!

During the Cameroon Business Forum in Douala, the minister of Post and Telecommunications; Minette Libom Li Likeng, spoke concerning the shut down of internet in the English speaking regions of Cameroon
As reported by TicMag; here is what she said: 
“The Head of State has insisted enough on the fact that the whole Government is mobilized and expected to achieve the expansion of the digital economy. And it can not be done without the Internet. In his end-of-year speech, I believe he explained to the Cameroonians that there are unpleasant situations for which certain decisions are made. And I believe that everything is done so that the serenity comes back and that the Internet is available everywhere. It’s just a matter of patience and everyone has to act together “

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