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Ministry of Public Relations releases statement saying that Samuel Eto’o did not buy building for Cameroonian Embassy in USA.

So for some months now, news has been going around that the officials in the office of the Cameroonian embassy in the US, Washington DC, were thrown out of the building they were renting because they could not pay rent and that papa Eto’o is the one who rescued them by paying the overdue rents and buying off the building for them.

We all, rode with the story even though we did not know the sources, because we know that papa Eto’o loves Camer and that it’s something that he can do. So now the ministry of Public relations just released a statement saying that the story is false. That the rents in the office of the Cameroonian office in Washington were not overdue and that they were never thrown out of the building and that Eto’o never had to pay any dime and that the reconstruction going on in the building now is financed by the Cameroonian government.

So this just leaves us with one question, WHO LIED? LOL. Check out the press release below:

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