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Mortuary strike delays Jabu Christopher Kubheka’s burial

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Jabu Christopher Kubheka’s wife and family have been left frustrated over delays with the actor’s burial after a pathologists’ strike shutdown mortuaries

The actor’s manager Thabo Makgaretsa stated that the family are frustrated over delays in getting an autopsy into the actor’s death. “I have spoken to Jabu’s wife and she spoke about the delays they are having at the mortuaries which are preventing them from doing the autopsy quickly. She is frustrated at the delays and you can understand her frustration. She just wants to bury her husband and deal with the heartbreak of losing him without all these complications”

“As it stands we cannot even discuss a date for the funeral because we are waiting on the autopsy to make funeral arrangements. We are not sure when the funeral will be” Thabo added.

The strike comes in the wake of various concerns raised by forensic pathologists and amidst calls for salary upgrades‚ as well as‚ compensation for doing extra work.

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