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Movie trailer: Zig Zag

Name of Movie: ZIG ZAG

Category: SHORT FILM

PRODUCER: Ruphina’s House/ Cejay Productions

Director: Darnoc Ist

Starring: Philip Serge Mcauley, Syriette Che, Melvin Melv,
Eystein Jnr Young,
Ngu Derick, Juliet Lum, Lanjo Lanjo

Synopsis: A tale of Negligence, Life and Death, A man without
Foresight is no different from a cow on the slap. Zig Zag has more to
the eye than the caprices of Jungle Justice…

Click below to watch the trailer:

Ruphina’s House is a talent development organization based in Cameroon that runs a Movie House, Modeling and Music Label, specialized in training and developing diverse talents with head office in Bamenda. She is in partnership with Cejay productions, a multimedia production house in Bamenda as well. Keep up with them via Facebook:

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