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MTN launches attack against Orange with promo for 4G Network!

It is no secret that MTN and Orange are in competition. When Nexttel came in with a faster 3G network, MTN and Orange started developing plans to get several steps ahead. They both updated their networks to 3G and even what they called 3G+. They are now stepping up to 4G networks, but with juicy controversy!
MTN announced to their subscribers via their Facebook page on the 16th of December at 5:08PM that they now had the fastest internet network service in Cameroon, which is the 4G network.

Screenshot of MTN’s post

Then an hour later on that same day at 6:41PM, Orange made their own announcement via their Facebook, saying that they were the first 4G mobile operators in Cameroon.

Seriously??!! Of course MTN got more arrogant with their promotion the next day the 17th of December, by going a step further to launch a proper campaign, with a press conference, a launching party and billboards all over the major towns in Cameroon with a very audacious flyer! One that depicts an Orange flyer been torn and replaced with MTN data.

MTN promo flyer showing an Orange flyer been torn and replaced with MTN data

Honestly, if this isn’t good promo then I don’t know what is…lol… I can’t wait to see what Orange will come up with!

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