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Mugabe’s Sons Evicted From Luxury Appartment Due To Misconduct

Sons of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe were evicted from a luxury apartment in Sandton Johannesburg South Africa due to disorderly conduct.
The president reported last month that his wife had made an “emergency” trip to South Africa to find a “secure accommodation” for their sons.
Reports said the two boys  Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine who had been renting a luxury apartment had to be evicted due to their misconduct.
The bad behaviors included:

Late Night Parties
Neighbors often complained about excess noise coming from apartment 601 which happens to be the Mugabe’s apartment as they partied almost every night with different ladies while drinking and smoking.

Dispute Over Women
Last month, one of the boys’ security team was seriously injured as the boys were involved in a dispute over a women and were forced to evacuate the property after the incident.

Lastly, the older son; Robert Junior‘s behavior towards their personnel especially their chauffeur is unacceptable as he is obliged to wait for the boy at the entrance of the university of Johannesburg for the whole period of time when the boy has to attend classes so he could take them wherever they want to go after that.
Many consider this as inhumane treatment. The chauffeur is seen, at most times, sleeping in the car for long hours waiting for the boy.

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