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“My birthday this year will be the start of my career in music. ” Sunjo Tessy tells betatinz

The good thing about today’s youth is that some of us have understood the codes of life. It is evident that Cameroonian youths are ready to effect the change needed, so as to make the world a better place. Sunjo Tessy is a sensation the industry is blessed with. As she prepares to kick start her career, the latter has got the voice, and the ability to blow minds with her writing skills.

Tess is an educationist, a model, a makeup artist, just to mention a few. In the month of September this year, she will be releasing her debut single titled THANK YOU produced by DOBY KUMZ. This song will equally usher the young gospel artist into a new age. Tessy shares her motivation with us, “It is only natural to pattern yourself after someone… But you can’t just copy someone. If you like someone’s work, the important thing is to be exposed to everything that person has been exposed to. I have a structured songwriting process. I start with the music and try to come up with musical ideas, then the melody, then the hook, and the lyrics come last.”

So let’s anticipate.

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