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Mysterious fire hit two schools in the South West region of Cameroon

Government high schools Mbonjo and that of Idenau are the two latest institutions of learning that have been ravaged by fire in Anglophone Cameroon this weekend.
According to reports, the fire which started on Friday night (June 16) breaking Saturday, consumed two classrooms at GHS Mbonjo to ashes, and also extended to part of the school’s administrative building.
The situation was slightly different at GHS Idenau, where it is alleged only part of the administrative building was affected by the fire.
No human lose was recorded during the incident, and the origin of the fire remains unknown.
It follows a series of fire attacks by unidentified individuals on government institutions of learning in Anglophone Cameroon in recent days, in an attempt to prevent and now halt the ongoing GCE examination in the country.
At least four schools have been hit by fire since the inception of the Anglophone crisis.

Source of image: Amateur

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