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Na the reason dis why way pipo dey di vex say PCC di bless 2 new motor dem:

BetaPipol yesterday, Presbyterian Church in Cameroon(PCC) be dedicate 2 new motor dem; 1 for Moderator and the oda one for Synod Clerk.

Na PCC dier partner; Christian Mission Aid, dey send the motor dem, but PCC be pay the custom fees for clear the motor from Seaport.

Na Reverend Mokoko Thomas Mbue and Rev. Numfor Godwin, dey be bless the motor dem for Synod Office, in the presence of Moderator and oda PCC Administrators dem. .

The tin don makeam some pipo dey di vex say dey di cut teachers dier salaries by 50% in the name of say money no dey for pay dem, but dey di bless 2 new motor dem. Say even if na say dey dash dem the motor dem why dey no fit sellam use the money for pay teachers…

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