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Nabil Fongod talks about inspiring Stanley Enow & being inspired by Ramsey Noah!

So Camer’s media personality/rapper/actor/entrepreneur; Nabil Fongod, aka Nabil IV Real, did an interview with Pulse TV Nigeria in which he talked about a lot of things. When asked about Stanley Enow, he said he feels like Cameroonians don’t give Stanley as much respect as they ought too. That we; Cameroonians, don’t show him as much love as we ought to. He also mentioned that Stanley Enow has always looked up to him in a lot of ways and Stanley deserves lots of love and respect for his achievements, than he’s getting. Click below to watch the brief interview:

Do y’all agree? Yes? No? Well, I agree, because only when you have tried to do something, will you know how hard it is to do something and succeed. So its very good practice to respect people who have succeeded and achieved, because that is how you, as a person generates positive energy and inspiration to succeed as well.

So Nabil also talked about acting, and he mentioned that Ramsey Noah inspired him to get into acting. He says he met Ramsey Noah in Amsterdam and they had a lengthy conversation where he mentioned to Ramsey that he wanted to get into acting. Ramsey Noah was skeptical about him getting into acting and that skepticism fueled his desire to actually feature in a movie, and a year later he did it! Click below to watch the interview:

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