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Nami Nami Cyrus exits Pit Baccardi’s Empire Music, speaks out on it!

Empire Company, made a revelation sometime last year that they had signed one of the best hip hop acts from Buea; Nami Nami Cyrus. Prior to that announcement he had released a banging hit song; Amassa No Vex.

After his signature to Empire, he released a song titled ‘Dream‘ with Empire Boss; Pit Baccardi. That was in January 2017. From then till now, Nami Nami Cyrus‘ fans have been starved of his music as there had been no other release. 
Empire Company announced the release of one of his songs ‘Time bomb‘ but it never saw the light of day. Nami Nami has made it clear that his days as an Empire Company artiste are over with this new studio vibe he released titled ‘Peace‘ produced by Slimbeatz and Melody
In the song he reprimands hate, violence and dis-unity especially in the music industry. He emphasizes on the fact that he wishes everybody well regardless of what they have put him trough. The song was not released under Empire and has no labeling of Empire Company. Click below to watch:

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