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Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia fight over Samuel Eto’o

Two Cameroonian socialites; Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia(aka Biscuit De Mer) exchanged words to each other on Snapchat because of Le Pichichi; Samuel Eto’o.

It all started when Cameroonian gossip Snapchat account; Kmer A1, started exposing Coco Emilia. They claim that she has been sending her nude photos to certain high profiled footballers, in foreign countries, so they can call her over to have paid sex with them.

They went further to release one of the nude photos they mentioned. When they did so, Coco Emilia reposted the photo, mocking them.

They went further to say that they are and will keep exposing her because she keeps running her mouth and insulting other girls who are supposedly in her same line of business(sex escort) meanwhile she is no better, and also because she keeps sending her nude photos to footballers and married men as well to coerce them into having paid sex with her.

That was how they leaked photos of her and international Cameroonian footballer; Samuel Eto’o in Italy.

They claim that she has travelled over to Italy and Antalya(Russia) to have paid sex with Samuel Eto’o.

That was when Nathalie Koah, whom Coco Emilia has been throwing shade at for months now, chimed in.

 For those who don’t know; Nathalie Koah became popular months ago because her nude photos were leaked on the internet and she claimed Samuel Eto’o, who was her lover leaked them. She even wrote a book, telling all about her relationship with Samuel Eto’o and what it is like to be his mistress(Samuel Eto’o is a married man with kids).

So back to our story, after seeing the photos of Coco Emilia and Samuel Eto’o, Nathalie posted saying that “so Coco Emilia had been beefing with her all these while to the point of insulting her daughter, because of a man?”

Coco Emilia responded by saying that “so Nathalie is still hurt over Eto’o?” She went further to say that Nathalie should start by returning the car of a certain Souley Bonzini and get whoever the father of her daughter is to claim the child.

Nathalie responded by saying that she cannot fight with Coco Emilia over a man that is neither her’s nor Emilia’s, as he is married to another. She continued by saying people grow up by leaving such irresponsible behavior behind them.

Samuel Eto’o reposted the photos Kmer A1 posted, with the caption “When the internet lacks news to talk about.” He has since deleted the post.

With all these, Eto’o and his wife; Georgette, are surely engaging couple’s therapy to pull through. Click HERE for more information.

See photos of their posts:

Kmer A1 announcing they have a nude photos of Coco Emilia

Kmer A1 claiming that since it’s the first nude photo of her’s in their possession they will post part of it

Kmer A1 posted the photo, claiming that they got it from the girlfriend of a footballer she sent it to via Instagram to coerce him to invite her to his base in Europe so she can have paid sex with him

Kmer A1 claiming that the photo is not recent but they are posting it because Coco Emilia has been claiming not to have taken any nude photos, meanwhile she keeps sending these to married men

Kmer A1 saying they will post the full picture because Coco Emilia was acting like she didn’t bother

Kmer A1 posts full nude picture

Coco Emilia reposts the photo, bragging

Kmer A1 insulting Coco Emilia because she reposted the nude photo on her own Snapchat

Kmer A1 still insulting her, and saying she is insulting other girls in her line of business when she is no better

Kmer A1 still insulting Coco

Kmer A1 still throwing shot at Coco Emilia, because she kept posting on her page acting like she didn’t care. They say she should reserve her energy to have oral sex with Samuel Eto’o(aka 9)

They claim not up to a month ago; Coco Emilia was having sex with Samuel Eto’o in Italy

They claim less than 2 months ago, she was with him in Antalya(Russia) 

Kmer A1 posts photos of Coco Emilia and Samuel Eto’o in Italy

Kmer A1 claiming that that is why Coco Emilia has always been shady towards Nathalie Koah, because of Eto’o

Nathalie Koah’s post saying she now knows that it was because of Eto’o that Coco Emilia had been beefing with her, a man who neither her’s nor Emilia’s

Kmer A1 posts photo of Eto’o’s injured leg teasing Nathalie and Emilia asking who of them will massage it

Kmer A1 claiming eto’o wife Georgette doesnt care about either of them because she has the ring and any divorce will earn her 50% of Eto’o’s wealth

Eto’o posts the photo posted by Kmer A1 of him and Coco Emilia in Italy on his Instagram page with the statement “when the internet has no news”

Coco Emilia fires back at Nathalie, tells her to return the car of a certain Souley Bonzini, and get the father of her daughter to claim the child

Coco Emilia mocking at Nathalie

There were more posts, we selected the most significant. Excuse the poor quality of the photos, we just had to show proof by all means. LOL

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