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New Music: Ale Myz- ‘Fire’

“FIRE” is an inspirational song written and composed by Ale Myz, a US-based Cameroonian Afro-pop, Soul/RnB Singer and Songwriter. It’s an afro-pop song, which serves the pleasures of listening, uplifting, soul searching as well as dancing pleasures. It is written in both English and Pidgin English. The song is drawn from personal experiences and also from experiences of friends, family and other people, says Ale Myz.

It’s beat and sound are original and was produced using Logic Pro X by EC Neeba and enhanced by Tam Gaelo, who also recorded, mixed and mastered the song. They are both Cameroonian US-based producers. The harmonies are so sweet and unique that it makes you want to listen to it over and over. “As soon as I heard the beat, I knew I could do something unique with it”, says Ale Myz

Moving on the lyrics, they are very clear and simple, which eases listening and understanding. Ale Myz also uses a lot of rhyming scheme to make the song pleasant in the ears, for example, ‘they try to utilize their device on my life’,  ‘Burn’em fire, I’m going higher’ etc.
Click to download ‘Fire’ by Ale Myz

The message is very straightforward. It says fire should burn the enemy, especially those who work full-time trying to bring others down and always looking for ways to block your progress, be it using physical or spiritual means.

Ale Myz says she believes people will love and relate to the song because we all have a common enemy, Satan who seeks our downfall always, and then his agents on earth who are people we see everyday. They smile in front of you and then go behind and visit shrines or hold their ‘nyongo’ meetings at night to tie one’s progress or even kill you. ‘It doesn’t only happen in movies, it does in real life’, says Ale Myz. ‘Fire will burn them all’, she added. One comic part of the song which makes it lively and interesting says “Tell man whe ye send you; say you no see me oh” which translates to English as “Tell who ever sent you that you didn’t see me”. This is an expression commonly used by Cameroonians.

“Fire” was premiered at the concert of Legendary Cameroonian artist Petite Pays held in Dallas on Sat Nov 21st 2015. Ale Myz performed along side other upcoming Cameroonian artists. The response to the song was amazing as people said she was the best performance of the night after Petite Pays.

The video for fire has been shot already. It was directed by US-based Cameroonian director MT Muna and it will be released in January.
So stay tuned! Cheers!
Contact Info:
Facebook: Ale Myz
Twitter: @Ale Myz
YouTube: Ale Myz
Instagram: @Ale Myz

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