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New Music: Arrey x Inspi x Amdi x Stanis- Independent

Arrey talks about the making of this new track; Independent, in which he collaborated with Inspi, Stanis and Amdi:
The Muse
You know how you hit the low low after
a switch in confidence routine? To me this song is a VICTORY of self
expression! It was very sunny when Jay Jay called me that afternoon as we were
to puff a J as fore planned. When he came through I couldn
t find my
handler. We hit a couple of digits and just before the despair set in, we had a
hit! Yet again, it was just a little piece to roll. If you know what I mean!
We got some staples and sat there
talking about how the industry was fairing, flash-fronts and flashbacks
slipstreaming through space-time then BOOMSHKALAKA! I heard the muse –
Independent began singing
in my head.
Jay something just came up and I don
t know if I should let it fly or what!
I told him Boh see am,
record that thing sharp sharp
he replied. I
still have the voice clip in my recorder with his voice in the background as I
recorded. I
always thank him for pushing the button.
The Session
Two days later, I called EDILEDRAE and
we talked about it and a few days after I went to see Method J after planning
it up with him as well. When I got there AMDI was at the studio already
I had no idea
meet him there that day. Method J listened to the voice note and the clip rolled. We were in
a moment of utter creation. STANIS came in as a surprise with so much energy
about half an hour later and INSPI
s entrance only helped us muster more
momentum. Then I ask them if we could all jump on it! And we did, everyone
having his own slant to the word
independent. It was an
unforgettable day spent making music.

The Plug
Given the present stalemate and set of
events hampering our nation, people have either feared to speak their minds for
fear of incarcerations, association, or even just out of mere confusion for
what, who stands and represents.
Independent is a subliminal that is meant
to send a vibe of
be ones best version of self in these days. You are left to believe whatever
your mind drives at when you hear the word
Independent, but remember
we are responsible for what we say and mean, not what you decide to decipher
from our conveyed theme.
Stream to enjoy:
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