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New Music: Big Game- Mado

Following the successful release of“La Chose Làin early 2018, Cameroonian Hip-Hop Artist Big Game is back with another hot song called “Mado” that is bound to be a banger!
“Mado” is an Afro Hip-Hop song written by Big Game and Produced by Magic Fingaz. The song is sung in Pidgin
English and CamFranglais (informal Cameroonian French) over an instrumentation that blends Afrobeat and a
Dance Hall vibe to produce a sound that is unique in its way.
Once again, Big Game shows off his lyrical skills in telling a story about a certain short, dark skinned girl he hooked up with called Mado and uses humor to explain what went down between him and Mado, i.e. how they hooked up, got together and how Mado started spending his money excessively with her lavish lifestyle and needs.
Mado’s lavish lifestyle is seen in several scenarios; with her only wanting to eat at the finest restaurants and not wanting to cook at home, claiming her manicure is of high quality and doesn’t want to destroy it in the kitchen; Mado and Big Game going on outings, clubbing and partying on a regular basis, Mado wanting to travel to Rio de Janeiro just to celebrate her birthday under Big Game’s expenses and more.
Big Game tries to paint a picture relatable to men worldwide who hook up with extravagant and money hungry women and who start regretting after these women have spent all their money (“money finish eye clear” in a *Tzy Panchak voice* lol).
This song is meant to make you dance, laugh out your stress and make you feel happy as well as to teach men how to go after the right woman with respect to how deep or heavy their pockets are and not regret riding with a “Nathalie Koah” on a “buyam sellam” budget.
There is no stopping Big Game as he will be dropping more music soon this year and will release of an EP called “Original Mutumbu”
Until then, listen, enjoy and share his latest “Mado”.

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