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New Music Video: Sonya Kay- ‘Hypocrite’

Already available on audio across all digital platforms and partnering radio stations since February, the video has been highly anticipated by the public who are eager to see the coming together of some emblematic personalities promoting Cameroon culture such as Cyrille Bojiko, Berty Bertrand, Grégoire Piwele, etc.
Hypocrite; is the second single by Sonya Kay following “AVEC TOI” and her first under Hope Music Group. The song is a zouk song which was born at the Kado Mouna studios and is in collaboration with the “chanteur de charme” J-JACK. The single is released on the sidelines of her EP which is already in preparation and scheduled for the second semester of this year.
The video for “Hypocrite” is directed by the renowned and undisputable Dante Fox. In this high definition video, the viewer finds himself immersed in a story where we see a young girl surrounded by girls she holds dear in her heart, however the feeling is not mutual for these girls are envious of her and do not wish her well. Click below to watch:

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