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New Music Video: Vumomsé ft Mokambe- ‘Helep We’

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty”
Founded and propounded by American statesman, Thomas Jefferson and instilled in Cameroon by Honorable Joseph Wirba, the quotation has built a stable foundation in the minds of almost all the English speaking Cameroonians deprived and denied of their rights.
Using Cameroon as a microcosm in the macrocosm of the present situation parading all over the world, Mokambe and Vumomsé, two Cameroonians based in the U.S.A have taken upon themselves to neglect the distance between them and home to show their telepathy in a 3:27 minutes video on the ongoing injustice on the English part of Cameroon
It was Produced by Double Dough.

The video was directed by Phil Brown and beautifully passes on a deeply powerful message.
It was shot with very limited light, fog and indoors, as a symbol of how enslaved, closed and neglected the English Cameroonians are. 

Helep We is a detailed letter written to God on the ongoing crisis in the world and in the Anglophone regions in Cameroon in particular, calling his immediate intervention. 
 Click below to watch:

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