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Newbell Music signs new artiste; Lor, and new DJ; DJ Mathematic!

Newbell Music just announced that they have welcomed a new artiste into their family. 
Her name is Lor
Lor is a singer and songwriter born and raised in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Lor grew up listening to Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Destiny’s Child, and cites Charlotte Dipanda as one of her biggest influences in Cameroon. She is a guitarist and composer, and you can watch her featuring in Pascal’s video, “Manka’a” and in his song “I No Kam Fine” on Work Dey 3. Lor is working on her upcoming EP to be released later this year.

They also announced that they had signed a DJ too, DJ Mathematic.
Esperança Zinga, better known under the pseudonym of Mathematics, is a DJ and music producer from Angola who lives in Lausanne. Separated from his country during the civil war, it is through his passion that this brilliant musician has  transformed his destiny. Music is a strong means of expression for him where all his emotions translated into rhythm and tone  make music lovers dance across Europe.
His career began with sets  in various nightclubs in Switzerland. Through his hard work and his unwavering motivation, this self-taught perfected his talent exploring several musical styles: Hip Hop, Electro, Pop music and contemporary Afro beats that harmoniously blend which gives a unique and original touch to his work .
Behind the turntables, he breaks down cultural barriers but also his fears of a painful past. Ambition and diligence enable it to achieve excellent results and to bring his talent beyond Switzerland as in France or in Belgium. With over 800 nights to his credit in the land of William Tell, an Afro remix of Rihanna’s song “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video with over 5 million views online and solid collaborations, he is now one of the Afro-beat DJs and Electro-Europe movement ‘s closed circle ambassadors.
DJ Mathematic
Newbell Music currently has 9 artistes; Jovi, Reniss, Pascal, Rchl, Tata, Kiloh, Shey, DJ Mathemic and Lor
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