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Nigerian actress wears sneakers on her WEDDING day!!

Ivie Okujaye, a brilliant Nigerian actress, writer, producer and my personal favourite, who has taken Nollywood by storm since she won in the reality tv show, ‘Amstel Malta Box Office’ in 2009; got married to her best friend of over 10 years! She looked stunning in her traditional and white wedding outfits, and she thrilled everybody when she wore SNEAKERS along with all her outfits! She has always said publicly that she is more of a tomboy than a lady in her dressing and she proved it by wearing sneakers on with her wedding gown! People have had several reactions as concerns that. Some people have said ‘it is not right’, others have said ‘it is OK’; and i am saying that it is her wedding day and she has the right to wear whatever she wants to!! Let the girl be! She has the right to fulfil her dreams on her wedding day right? She looked happy and beautiful by the way! That’s all that matters! Congrats Ivie!!

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