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Nigerian Entrepreneur; Toyin Lawani makes historic fashion statement with her denim collection!

Toyin Lawani is a female Nigerian Entrepreneur, and mother. She is the CEO of over 20 businesses, including her own clothing line; Elegante, which she is most famous for. She recently unveiled her denim collection which is already making waves in the Fashion world because of its originality and distinction. She used the denim fabric to create the Agbada(Yoruba traditional outfit). Her pieces are a historic fashion statement. She will always be remembered as the person who started the denim agbada trend. We are proud of her, and her achievements! Check out her denim collection below:

Keep up with her works on social media:
Facebook/Twitter: @tiannahstyling2
Instagram: @tiannahsplacempire

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  • Unknown
    Posted September 2, 2016 3:45 pm 0Likes

    Beautiful…how do I purchase?


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