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Nigerian Prophet Wisdom has advised Buhari should come back home, says problem is spiritual not Medical

Abuja-based prophet, Wisdom Nnamdi Ezeigwe, popularly called “Ojenanmuo” has advised Pres. Buhari to come back home and seek spiritual cleansing rather than travelling abroad frequently to seek the help of medics who obviously do not possess answers to his life’s major queries.

Ojenanmuo who recently relocated to Abuja from the U.S, said what Mr Buhari needs is more prayers and not more chemicals in his body. “I sincerely empathize with our dear president but as a prophet of the most high God, my advice to Mr President is for him to come back home and seek spiritual help.

You cannot have, in your backyard, all these people operating on a higher spiritual level and then you are going abroad to seek medical assistance. What the president needs to get better is within the country and this is a spiritual matter, not medical. .

Mr President’s sojourn in foreign countries for medical help is not the solution, rather he should look inwards and seek the face of God through the assistance of spiritual physicians who are in abundance in Nigeria”, he advised.

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