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Nigerians drag Mr Eazi on social media for saying Ghanaian music has influenced Nigerian music!

Nigerian artiste; Mr Eazi, was getting heat from Nigerians on social media, because he tweeted that Ghana music has influenced present day Nigerian sound.

Nigerians wanted to roast him on Twitter. LOL, especially because he started his career in Ghana, since he traveled from Nigeria to Ghana for his university studies. That is why his music is a reflection of the Nigerian and Ghanaian cultures, because he has lived both cultures.

Nigerians put him on blast so much so that his name has been trending on Twitter for for over 18 hours now. He later on apologized, humorously. LOL. Check some of the tweets out  below. They are hilarious! Some people even started dragging Julliet Ibrahim too, because she aired her opinions as well. LOL

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