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Passengers stranded at Mile 17 park after DO banned travelling from Buea to towns out of South West!

The Divisional Officer of Buea ,Kouam Wokam Paul, banned denizens from travelling to Douala earlier today.

They were told they can travel to Limbe or Kumba but not Douala.

Only person per private car , if one must go to Douala.

The ban came on the heels of an unprecedented influx of persons into Douala following a tense atmosphere in the division as October 1 and 7, approaches.

The DO was present at Mile 17, this Saturday morning to make sure the decision is implemented.

Minutes ago, about 5 hours after the ban, the DO lifted it. Now People are free to travel to Douala.

Ambazonia leaders had earlier instituted a “travel ban” from September 20, and ghost town 4 days to October 7 Presidential elections.
The Interim Government ordered that there should be total ghost town from 5th to 8th October.

Source: Report by independent journalist; Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji.

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